Types of men shirts: Choose the best one for you

Types of Men Shirts

A shirt is the most casual and formal outfit for a man. It makes a man perfect, intelligent and confident.

Choosing the fitting shirt is the most important thing. Before knowing about the shirt, let’s see the varieties of shirt collars; 

  • Classic: This is the most traditional collar for shirts. It’s suitable for every size, and it’s very flattering for people who have bulky face shapes. Any knot tie will suit this shirt collar. 
  • Standard: Standard shirt collar system is the quickest and less time-consuming collar style. Most of the people are seen with this collar style. 
  • Semi-spread: Generally, a semi-spread collar style has a measurement. It has a certain distance of 4 inches from a part in the bottom. And in the starting line, they’re 3 inches distant. The collar band height, collar point length of these two collars are the same. And they are infused with the same interlining. 
  • Spread: Spread collar style is wider than the semi-spread one. In this collar system, two collars are pointed in the outside portion than being pointed downwards—the men with slim and long facial and body structures suit this collar most. The wide angle of these two collars implements their slim design. 
  • Tab collar: The tab collar has fallen from the wardrobe, but it implements the old legendary fashion icons like James Bond, Daniel Craig, Tomb Ford, etc. It is considered as the collar for a long-neck person. It has a small fixed tab in the middle of the two collars. For tie knots, it’s the most suitable collar and relatable with a pin collar. 
  • Hidden button: The hidden-button collar is quite similar to the classic down button collar system. The difference is in collar points and hidden buttons. The invisible button collar has a button behind the collar band. 
  • Button-down: Button-down collar is a spread collar system, and as a button, each collar ends. 
  • Italian spread: Italian spread collar is a new variant of the English collar with more prominent points and narrower spread width. It’s a classic collar look that suits blazers most. Blazer and knot tie look elegant with this collar. 
  • British spread: Another name for this collar is the English spread collar. This collar style is infused with more significant collar points and outward motion than pointing down. It’s the most elegant and traditional English look. 
  • Two-button collar band: Two-button collar style is a modern collar style designed with two-button buttons in the model of the collars. It goes perfect with a 7-knot tie. A two-button collar is a valuable asset for long-neck and tall men. 

Types of shirts: 

Shirts are the most elegant attire for men that look very seductive and boost up the confidence of a man anywhere. Different places required different shirts.

These are the few shirt types we’ll recommend you to own at least one of each shirt.

Oxford Cloth Button-Down Shirt: 

These types of shirts are made with Basketweave fabric. The Oxford fabric is heavier than the other formal shirts. 

It’s an exquisite shirt rich in texture and looks purely refined with pastel shades. It has a variety of colours, and you can choose according to your choice and appearance.

As it’s a down button shirt, buttons are folded under the collar points. It’s a versatile type of shirt. Anyone can pair it up with denim pants, baggy pants or formal attires. It is wearable anywhere like dinner party or drink party or hangout with friends.

This shirt is a must-have item in your closet.

Dress shirt: 

A fitting dress shirt in a smart tuxedo can give you thousands of compliments.

A dress shirt is the most common system that suits you best, and it’s considered your crime partner as you smile in your way wearing this shirt. It has a cutaway collar and French cuffs, a much confident attire for no-brainers.

This shirt will look so smooth and gentle besides competent when you’ll wear it with a tuxedo jacket. It looks funky with formal shoes and pants.

It’s easy to wear for your off-day or short time office visit.

Flannel shirt: 

A flannel shirt is very comfortable, easy to wear, casual and spiffy style texture. These types of shirts are suitable to pair for serving warmth.

A flannel shirt is very lucrative with a soft white t-shirt. It’ll be best if you pair it up with denim pants, a hat and boots. It’ll give you a lumberjack look.

Flannel shirts give you a radiant and chill look and are best for a non-formal outing.

Denim shirt: 

Denim shirts are best for regular wear, and they give you a very refreshing look in a crowd. A sustainable denim shirt will last longer than one year if you use it and wash it with care.

Denim shirts are straightforward to wear with chinos. Or sometimes, you can wear it with contrast denim pants.

A piece of white pants and a denim shirt is a brilliant and elegant look. With this attire, you can layer your denim shirt with white tees. It’ll give you relaxed and vacation vibes.

Denim is wearable every season, but it’s preferable for post and pre-winter seasons to prevent sudden cold vibes.

Linen shirts: 

Linen shirts are handy for summer outings. Men who are slim and have long neck suits the linen outfit most. It’s a very trendy, versatile, and must-have shirt for summer.

This breezy shirt is best for a summer outfit, and it can pair up with shorts easily.

No matter wherever you go, a linen shirt is a must-have for you. It’s very cozy and easy to pair up with.


Chambray shirts are very soft and sophisticated. Sometimes chambray looks like denim shirts. But its fabric material is lighter than denim fabrics.

Light colour bottom wear suits with chambray shirts most. You can pair up white, ash, grey, soft biscuit colour pants with a chambray shirt.

It’s the best attire when you’re going to the beach or on a casual date.

Polo shirt: 

Who doesn’t have a polo shirt? No matter how old you are or what you like to wear, or whatever the season, a polo shirt is mandatory to have. Without a polo shirt, your closet is incomplete.

These shirts are not strictly formal; you can wear them at casual parties or festivals quickly.

Polo shirts don’t have variations of colour; you can choose whatever you like. A Polo shirt goes with shorts also. It has multiple options to wear.

The best way to pair up a polo shirt is to wear chinos and loafers and wear a casual polo shirt on top of it.

Cuban collar shirts: 

These types of shirts look funky and give spice to your fashion. They are very casual and can consider as beach outfits. These shirts are prepared for the summer celebration.

The best way to wear this shirt is to wear light colour shorts, take funky sunglasses and a hat and wear a Cuban Collar shirt on the of them, and you’re ready to go!

Mandarin Collar Shirt: 

This type of shirt’s collar is comparable with /Panjabi neck design’. 

This type of shirt is hassle-free. There is no need to measure and tie knots. It looks exceptionally sophisticated at any party. 

This shirt is best for the grooms and the guests. This unique collar gives an elegant look in first impressions. 

Choose the best colour for you

Besides choosing the best pattern according to event or place, choosing the best colour is also very important. Otherwise, it looks very odd if you wear an indecent colour and it downs your impression and reputation. 

These are some colour ideas for you to decide on your own. 

Office attire: 

For the office environment, funky and vibrant bright colours are strictly avoidable. Wear something light and soothing, which makes a working environment like white, off-white, grey, lavender, pale pink, light ash, sky blue, light powder pink and blue etc. 

For an office party, you can wear something colourful or bright in colour. You can take maroon, chocolate, cranberry, silver, deep or royal blue, etc. You can take the light colour shirt with shimmer tone etc. 

  • For average outings or family events, you can take a polo shirt or any casual shirt with a moderate tone like brown, medium blue, mocha type of colour etc. You can wear a deep red kind of colour for nighttime if red is in your fashion closet. 
  • For a summer outing or picnic, take a casual linen shirt or a Hawaiian shirt with an outstanding colour combination; it’ll boost your enjoying mood and make you celebrate the day with your friends or family. 
  • Suppose you’re attending any sad event like a funeral or visiting any patient. It’s very embarrassing for the family member of the victim or the other people. So, take an environment-friendly colour. Never wear any colour that creates people’s attention.