Top 5 Garments Manufacturers in Bangladesh

Top 5 Garments Manufacturers in Bangladesh

The economy of a developing nation like Bangladesh is heavily dependent on the production of clothing. The economy of our nation is heavily dependent on sectors like the very lucrative clothing industry.

Any nation’s economy is largely dependent on its apparel industries. In a similar manner, the garment industry in Bangladesh contributes significantly to the national economy. Bangladesh’s clothing sector is experiencing daily growth in demand. The ready-made clothing business in Bangladesh is the country’s largest manufacturing sector.

The export of high-quality clothing products to other nations generates a significant amount of foreign exchange. The garment industry has played a significant role in Bangladesh’s economy during the past few years.

Millions of people nationwide are employed by the garment industries, which have significantly improved our economy.

In Bangladesh, there are over 5000 garment manufacturers, which provide millions of people with a living. Through their labor, the top 5 garment factories in Bangladesh have had an impact on the world. The majority of the factories are privately held or run by families.

Top 5 Garment Manufacturers in Bangladesh

1. Posh Garments

One of the largest clothing manufacturers in Bangladesh is Posh Garments. The manufacturing component of this sector began in 1984. Posh Garments has a large range of garment production, a high production capacity, and over 1200 qualified employees and professionals who work relentlessly to produce the best goods.

A variety of light materials and fabrics, including cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, Tencel, satin, chiffon, and others, can be worked with by their skilled staff of over 1200 personnel. The industry may increase the value of the products by using various forms of wash, including enzyme, bleach, garment, cool dye, and so on.

Additionally, the product can be embellished with printing, embroidery, heat press, decorations, sequence, ornaments, and other elements.

Everything from casual dresses, skirts, and shirts to ladies’ nightwear and lingerie for women is included in posh clothing.

Additionally, they produce shirts, baby gowns, pants, and school uniforms for kids. They offer a huge variety of men’s boxers, boxer shorts, and formal and informal shirts.

In addition to producing workwear for professionals and employees, Posh Garments Ltd also produces uniforms for hotels and hospitals. The production of garments has long been a significant sector of the Bangladeshi economy.

2. Beximco

As a joint venture between the Beximco Group and Comtrade Limited of Lausanne, Switzerland, Beximco Apparels Limited (BAL), a branch of the Beximco Group, started commercial production in March 1985.

Comtrade Apparels Limited’s name has been changed to Beximco Apparels Limited as of January 1, 1997. Over 2.5 million high-quality women’s blouses and men’s dress/casual shirts are produced for well-known brands and retailers in the US, Canada, and Europe in this entirely export-focused clothing business.

It is a well-known organization that has contributed significantly to our nation’s ability to generate foreign currency. Millions of people now have jobs thanks to Beximco Apparels, which also has a significant impact on the clothing industry.

3. Ha-meem Group

The Ha-Meem Group is a renowned wholesale garment manufacturer in Bangladesh and abroad. The corporation produces some of the most well-liked denim textiles and apparel items and has one of Bangladesh’s most extensive and inventive manufacturing facilities.

They have spinning mills, weaving factories, sweater factories, in-house labs, and denim mills among their factories. Ha-Meem now works with some of the most famous fashion houses in the world.

The business began in the clothing sector some 40 years ago and has since expanded to encompass, among other things, printing, embroidery, labels, poly & packaging, carton, belt & tape, shipping, a TV channel, newspapers, and tea gardens. The clothing business is very important for generating foreign currency!

4. DBL Group

A family-owned company, DBL Group is active in several different areas. The companies are in the apparel, textile, textile printing, washing, accessories for clothing, and packaging industries.

The DBL Group is one of Bangladesh’s top manufacturers of apparel and textiles. In the nation, they are also recognized as a knitwear manufacturer. They rank among the biggest manufacturers and exporters of knit clothing in Bangladesh. The United States, Canada, and Europe are their three key markets.

In addition, they supply H&M with platinum knit garments. Their top clients include G-Star, Puma, Esprit, Walmart-George, H&M, and Walmart-George.

The dedicated staff of 39,000 employees generated a yearly revenue of USD 780 million in the 2020–21 fiscal years. DBL Group is now one of the top apparel manufacturers in the nation and has even attained international recognition!

5. Square Fashions Limited

One of the top textile companies in the nation is Square Fashions. The industry produces a wide variety of ready-to-wear knit garments, including circular knit fabrics in a range of weights and ready-to-wear knit garments such as polo shirts, t-shirts, tank tops, pants, hooded jackets, and cardigans. It also produces sportswear and undergarments.

They presently have two units for clothing and two for fabrics, each with the necessary tools for cutting, embroidering, printing, stitching, and finishing. Their main fabric product categories are Single Jersey/Pique, Rib/Interlock, Fleece, Lycra/Viscose, Feeder Stripe/Engineering Stripe, Jacquard Fabric, Double Mechanized Fabric, Single Mercerized Fabric, Flat Knit Collar, Fully Fashioned Collar, and Jacquard Collar.

They are a unit of the Square Group of Companies, which manufactures a variety of textile and other clothing-related items. They offer their services not only in Bangladesh but also everywhere else in the world. This manufacturing business’s aim and vision are to satisfy consumer demand. The headquarters of this clothing manufacturer are located in Uttara, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Final Words

Despite the fact that there are more than 4,000 garment factories in the nation, some of them have greatly boosted our economy.

The top 5 garments produced in Bangladesh have a significant impact on the economy of that nation. And the need for the clothing industry is increasing daily. As a result, there are many contests for the top spots.

These clothes are without a doubt among the top five garments produced in Bangladesh because they have the greatest economic influence on our nation.