Men’s Boxer & Shorts Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Every men’s boxer and boxer shorts manufacturer in Bangladesh is associated with the production of these undergarments for men.

Since boxers and boxer shorts are meant to provide coverage, protection, comfort as well as regulate your body temperature, special emphasis is given on the production of this innerwear for men.

Manufacturing undergarments for men is a huge task since every person has a different physique, body type, and preference for their innerwear and therefore requires different sizes and types of boxers.

Besides, to ensure proper hygiene and convenience of the wearer, using comfortable fabrics and innovative designs to manufacture boxers and boxer shorts for men is also essential.

Several other aspects such as the efficiency of the production line, the expertise of the employees in handling different types of fabrics, stitching methods, implemented innovations, and machinery, etc. also contribute to the success of a boxer and boxer shorts manufacturer.

If you are looking for such a company that is not only structured in the production of men’s undergarments but also operates as a men’s casual wear shirts manufacturer in Bangladesh, Posh Garments is the name you are looking for.

We are a men’s boxer & boxer shorts exporter in Bangladesh who believe in working closely with our skilled staff to produce high-quality apparel for men.

Men’s Boxer and Boxer Shorts

Boxer or boxer shorts were originally derived from the full-cut, loose shorts professional boxers wore in the ring.

Made from comfortable and breathable materials like organic cotton, flannel, polyester, etc. with different kinds of closures, boxers are meant to be worn for comfort, convenience and as an unobtrusive alternative for wearing beneath well-tailored suits.

Their versatile use has also enabled boxers to gain more popularity over traditional underwear and briefs.

Posh Garments, as a men’s boxer and boxer shorts manufacturer in Bangladesh, offers you all the features of a good-quality boxer.

We use recyclable materials for manufacturing all our products and choose the fabrics that sit well with the wearer’s comfort and convenience.

With our skilled workforce and innovative machinery, we manufacture men’s undergarments that

Importance of Men’s Boxer and Boxer Shorts

There are several benefits that wearing boxers provide men with.

And this is the very reason why most men prefer wearing boxers and boxer shorts over tight-fitting underwear or briefs.

The importance of boxers are as follows:

  1. Temperature regulation and health benefits: The loose-fitting of boxers and boxer shorts help in keeping the temperature of men’s pelvic region relatively cool by allowing proper ventilation. This is essential for the maintenance of sperm count in men and is often regarded as a preventive measure against testicular cancer.
  2. Comfort: The comfort boxers and boxer shorts will provide you is unmatched. The generally loose-fitting of boxers allows more room for movement and airflow while providing adequate coverage. They are perfect for hot days and can be worn for a long period without discomfort; both indoors and outdoors.
  3. Fashion statement: In recent times, boxers and shorts are being manufactured with different kinds of prints and patterns. This gives boxers and boxer shorts a more unique look and allows you to match several outfits with them. Printed boxers can easily be worn with casual shirts, low-rise jeans, etc. for a stylish yet comfortable look.
  4. Versatile use: The wider coverage and better closure of men’s boxers and boxer shorts have the advantage of being worn on several occasions and not just only as an undergarment. Printed or fancy boxers can easily be styled with tops, shirts, jeans, etc., and can be worn outside as casual wear.

While the more lightweight types can be worn at home day long or even as sleepwear for the night instead of having to change into separate pajamas.

Why Choose Us

A lot of factors contribute to the making of a reliable apparel manufacturer, especially one producing men’s undergarments.

And choosing Posh Garments as your manufacturer will allow you to enjoy all those benefits while also receiving apparel that will exceed your expectations.

Here’s why you should choose us as your boxers and boxer shorts manufacturer.

  1. We manufacture undergarments for men using the best quality fabrics which ensure the production of boxers and shorts that are compatible, breathable, and durable.
  2. Our skilled employees are trained to handle a wide range of fabrics including organic cotton, flannel, linen, polyester, silk, etc. which enables us to manufacture undergarments according to the preference of the clients and customers.
  3. We have a high-efficiency rate of working, even with a large order; at a lower manufacturing price.
  4. We add value to our products by incorporating the use of various kinds of prints, designs, different types of stitches and wash, innovative technologies, etc.


Boxers and boxer shorts act as the foundation of your entire outfit and can readily affect your mood throughout the day.

Since boxers remain in direct contact with your body, it is imperative to choose the style and fabric for boxers that serve your purpose and comfort the best. And this responsibility solely depends on the manufacturer of the boxers or shorts.

So, by choosing Posh Garments as your manufacturer of men’s boxers and boxer shorts, you are entrusting the best possible brand to complete your order with excellence.

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