Kid’s Wear Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Operating as kids wear manufacturer in Bangladesh requires bearing a lot of responsibility as it concerns the safety of children.

Moreover, due to the inevitable influence of social media trends and fashion on our lives, we have seen a growing impact of adult fashion on childrenswear in recent times as well.

While some parents are prioritizing the brand value while buying their children’s clothing, others are emphasizing the quality of the fabric and design of the garment to get the best of both worlds.

For any kids wear manufacturer in Bangladesh, gaining acceptance or recognition by the mass calls for the production of kid’s wear that meet functionality and design at the right proportion for a growing child.

As a kids wear exporter in Bangladesh, Posh Garments has been successfully manufacturing and delivering children’s clothing all over the world while meeting the demands for quality, design, and comfort of the apparel.

We are experts in handling a wide range of clothing items including girls dress, tops, boy’s shirts, and shorts, etc.

In addition, our skilled workforce is competent in working with different kinds of fabric such as cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, Tencel, satin, chiffon, linen, etc. which helps us to make our products unique.

What’s more, having a very versatile and flexible production line enables us to manufacture any product; in any size ranging from 300, pcs per color per style to 250,000 pcs per style.

Kid’s wear

Kid’s wear/clothing or children’s wear refers to the line of clothing made specifically for children who have not grown to their full heights or stepped into adolescence yet.

Kids dress is mostly casual for the convenience of both playing and resting.

A lot of factors are considered during the production of children’s clothing to ensure the child’s comfort and freedom.

These factors include the choice of fabric, embellishments, openings, and fastenings, ease and fit, trimming of the garment, etc.

As this is the growing period for children, it is necessary to make sustainable clothing pieces for them that will fit their changing body proportions without making the outfit look saggy.

Posh Garments, as a popular kids dress manufacturer, guarantees the inclusion of all these requirements and more.

We are known for working with a wide range of fabrics; especially the comfortable ones in case of children’s wear, such as organic cotton, viscose, polyester, nylon, chiffon, satin, elastane, etc.

We prioritize both the quality and quantity of the product which enables us to work with high-efficiency standards while keeping your manufacturing cost at bay.

Importance of kid’s wear

The primary function of kids’ wear is to keep the children comfortable during their movements.

Choosing proper clothing for your children can help in maintaining their comfort when they are playing, keep them safe from extreme weather, maintain ventilation as well as provide them with protection.

A few importances of kids wear are given below:

  • Provides comfort: Kidswear made from a comfortable fabric with proper fitting helps to keep children comfortable throughout the day.

Since children spend most of their time playing around, choosing kids’ wear which is made specifically to keep children comfortable during their movements is helpful.

  • Provides safety: As children are not mature enough to always understand what is safe or dangerous for them, dressing them in kids’ wear that is not too loose or too tight, or has no sharp accessories is necessary to maintain their safety.
  • Helps with child development: Dressing up differently for separate occasions and weather conditions helps children to become aware of time and space.

It helps them understand the difference between different clothing pieces and when or where to wear them.

Why choose us

Establishing a successful apparel manufacturing company is not easy when you have so many adroit opponents.

Consistent hard work, mutual understanding between the staff, skillful employees, a safe working environment, an efficient production line, incorporation of innovative technologies, etc. all play important roles in making a clothing company successful.

Posh Garments has been playing its role as a prosperous kids wear manufacturer in Bangladesh by skilfully fulfilling the aforementioned requisites and more.

Here are some of the several reasons why you should choose us as your manufacturer and why you won’t regret doing so.

  • High durability and sustainability: A child’s clothing items require regular washing as they tend to get dirty/sweaty more often.

And we all know how frequent washing of clothes can lead to their untimely deterioration.

But at Posh Garments, we not only ensure the use of high-quality fabrics for manufacturing our garments but also corroborate the utilization of 100% recyclable raw materials such as fabric, paper, plastic, metal, etc. to minimize waste production and fulfill our role as a sustainable brand.

  • Unique clothing pieces with added value: By incorporating the use of a variety of fabrics, stitching methods, sleeve lengths, accessories, embellishments, etc. we make sure that each of our products is unique in its merit.

By further adding decorative pieces like flowers, butterfly, lace, bow; ladder lace, glitter mesh, ruffle on armholes, piping at princess line and/or waist, cap sleeves, placement prints, suede belt, etc. we add value to all of our clothing pieces which help with the branding of the item.

  • Efficiency and timely delivery: With our skilled workforce of over 1200 employees, we can run all of our core functions including manufacturing high-quality and craftsmanship quality products, delivering the apparel on time, etc. efficiently.

Maintaining a very high 1st-time quality approval rate (95%), Fit Sample approval rate, compliance rating, etc. sets us apart from the other apparel manufacturers in terms of performance as a production unit and clothing manufacturing company.


Now that you have an overview of Posh Garments as the leading kids wear manufacturer in Bangladesh, we hope you will not underestimate the power of a small factory which is driven by the power of a skilled workforce and indestructible determination to serve its clients with the best apparel manufacturing solutions.

We believe in establishing prosperous partnerships with our brands and clients which allows us to facilitate creative ideas from both sides and ultimately deliver products that surpass their expectations.

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