Posh Garments Best Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Posh Garments Best Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the world’s leading producers of clothing and textiles. Bangladesh’s garment and textile  sector is also  one of the top areas in the manufacturing industry, with low labor costs, the largest labor force in the country and state-of-the-art technology.

Foreign cash is generated significantly by selling high-quality clothing to other nations. Bangladesh’s economy has been heavily reliant on the garment industry in recent years. Garment industries have significantly boosted our economy and employed millions of people around the country.

RMG accounts for more than 77 percent of Bangladesh’s export earnings. The clothing sector has provided considerable employment opportunities for almost 6.2 million people.

Bangladesh has significant advantages over other garment countries because it can produce high quality products at  low cost. As a result, new importers are flying to our country to buy with excitement. The majority of them go to clothing stores because they lack the skills needed to order and fulfill here.

There are jackets, vests, dresses, hoodies, t-shirts, underwear, socks, gloves, scarves and other items. Wear it for work, hiking, hunting, skiing, rock climbing, motorcycling, party attendance, fashion show attendance. Whether you are a baby, a child, a man or a woman, you need clothes near me.

Bangladesh has a large number of manufacturers, producers and retailers producing the highest quality garments in the world. One of them is Posh Garments.

Impact of garments in Bangladesh

The garment industries have brought about a transformation in Bangladesh’s economy by providing jobs for millions of people. Furthermore, the clothing industry contributes significantly to our country’s financial development.

According to data, textile exports climbed by 60% between 2011/2012 and 2017/2018, accounting for roughly 85% of total exports. Bangladesh is presently the second-largest exporter of readymade clothing in the world. They plan to generate $50 billion from this sector in 2020/2021.

Bangladesh has around 5,000 textile manufacturers, which employ millions of people! Through their labor, the top ten garment manufacturers in Bangladesh have had a worldwide influence. The factories are generally privately or family-owned.

Priority should be given to garment industries and employees in order to achieve economic development. The proprietors of clothing factories should be aware of the seriousness of the situation.

The clothing business, often known as the garment industry, includes all of the various forms of trade and industry that take place throughout the production and value chain of garments and textiles.

Manufacturing sectors rely on a variety of clothing technology, such as the loom, cotton gin, and sewing machine, which marked not only the industrialization of previous textile production methods, but also the industrialization of the whole industry.

Clothing/garment, textile, and fashion industry are all phrases that are used interchangeably. The clothing sector includes a wide range of items, including fashion, uniforms, e-textiles, and work wear.

About Posh Garments

Fashion trends shift often, necessitating the production of clothing in a wide range of colors, designs, and fabrications.

Posh Garments is a major garment manufacturer in Bangladesh. Posh Garments employs approximately 1200 trained employees and professional staff that work tirelessly to provide the best things to clients, as well as a diverse variety of clothing manufacturing and a large production capacity.

Their experienced team of over 1200 people is capable of working with a wide range of light materials and textiles, such as cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, Tencel, satin, chiffon, and others. The industry may add more value to the products by using various types of wash, such as enzyme, bleach, garment, cool dye, and so on. This can also be performed by adding printing, embroidery, heat press, decorations, sequence, ornaments, and other embellishments to the goods.

Posh apparel comprises anything from casual dresses, skirts, blouses, ladies’ nightwear, and lingerie for women. They also make children’s apparel, such as shirts, baby gowns, pants, and school uniforms. They have a huge assortment of formal and casual shirts, boxers and boxer shorts for men.

Posh Garments Ltd also makes hotel and hospital uniforms, as well as numerous sorts of workwear for professionals and workers. Bangladesh’s apparel manufacturing industry has long been an essential aspect of the country’s economy.

Posh Garments was founded in 1984 as a clothing producer and exporter. When it originally began, it was a small factory with only 60 sewing machines. After 37 years in business, they’ve evolved into a fully consistent clothing manufacturing firm with 14 sewing lines.

With management skills, a versatile production platform, a highly skilled workforce and experienced staff, they currently mass-produce and ship millions of garments around the world. Posh garments’ vision is to be an one-of-a-kind garment manufacturing solution.

Values of Posh Garments

  • Commitment: They place a high importance on on-time delivery, quality, and sustainability.
  • Efficiency: Posh has established rigorous efficiency standards in order to execute its main tasks efficiently.
  • Compliance: They meticulously and regularly assess their social and technical compliance for accountability and transparency.

Why choose Posh Garments LTD.

Posh Garments creates a diverse range of apparels at competitive rates, with distinctive designs and added value as an apparel producer. We add value, which is crucial in the fast fashion industry.

Posh Garments’ management is based on professionalism, a diverse skill set, expert knowledge, and dedication.

Posh Garments’ managerial system combines Industrial Engineering, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Human Resources Policy. On-time delivery and high-quality items are the foundations of customer happiness.

The other factors you need to keep in mind are-

Skilled workforce

Employees are the basis of the firm’s success, according to the corporation. Without the professional labor and administrative skills necessary to make the highest quality things for the corporations and merchants, the voyage would not have progressed as far as it has.

Their skilled workforce of 1,200 workers and 150 employees can handle any style in any light woven fabric, regardless of how little or large the order is. Employees and staff on the manufacturing line are also taught to do specific tasks such as faggoting, smocking, pintucking, shearing, and other similar tasks.

Printing, embroidery, heat pressing, affixing decorations, sequences, and ornaments, as well as various forms of wash – enzyme, bleach, cool dye, garment dye, and so on – all add value to the product.

Empowering women

Posh Garments is proud to be a part of Bangladesh’s textile manufacturing industry. At Posh Garments, women make about 80 percent of the labor. These women are empowered and contribute significantly to Bangladesh’s socioeconomic success

Product safety, process and lead time

They sell a diverse range of things that appeal to individuals of all ages and genders. They expertly create women’s tops and blouses, nightwear and sleepwear, skirts and trousers for girl’s tops and dresses, and other items.

They manufacture men’s casual shirts and shorts: In addition to men’s and women’s clothes, they also manufacture children’s clothing and school uniforms. As an international corporation, they also manufacture hospital and hotel uniforms, as well as work clothing.

Recycling and ecology

Posh Garments is completely committed to environmental protection. As a Bangladeshi garment manufacturer, they are dedicated to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030. They advocate for the recycling of polyester fabrics, plastic, and paper.

As a clothes firm, they are always working to lower their carbon footprint by conserving electricity, gas, and water. Fabric, plastic, and paper are all totally recyclable. The Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) will honor Posh Garments in 2021 for their commitment to sustainability.

Worldwide export

Posh Garments ships to countries all over the world, including Europe, North America, South America, North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia.

Transparency and responsibility

Posh Garments’ management adheres to a strict responsibility and transparency concept. Their production facility is accredited by BSCI, SEDEX, and WRAP.

An audit of the Social and Labour Convergence Program (SLCP) is also conducted, with an emphasis on partnership to assist stakeholders in improving working conditions and permitting progressive change. Social compliance audits are conducted on a regular basis by brands and merchants.

Bangladeshi garment manufacturers account for more than 80% of total exports, and Bangladesh’s clothing sector ranks second only to China in terms of global client base for apparel production.

Bottom line

Posh Garments is obviously one of Bangladesh’s greatest dress manufacturers, with its dedication to ecology, transparency, on-time distribution, and high-quality items. Posh Garments values and cultivates partnerships with brands and retailers in order to establish long-term relationships.

Posh Garments was formed with the objective of providing companies and merchants with unrivalled apparel manufacturing options. Since then, the firm has created and dispatched millions of clothes to various brands and retailers. Posh Clothing has been satisfying customers for 37 years by delivering high-quality outfits for ladies, men, and children.

Posh Garments has gained notoriety as a successful ladies tops manufacturing company, producing superior quality tops and dresses for women, in addition to being a notable dress manufacturing company.

This further demonstrates their commitment to their aim of producing a diverse selection of garments at an accessible price with new designs and added value.