Living with Covid-19

Living with Covid-19

Under the current circumstances, we have acknowledged the fact that Covid-19 may be around for much longer than we expected. A proper vaccine is yet to be found as researchers and companies all over the world toil day and night to find a cure for this lethal disease. It has created a crisis that was unheard of in the past many decades and threatens the livelihood of millions of people including ready-made garments industry workers in Bangladesh.

After the tragic Rana Plaza incident of 2013, many manufacturers including Posh Garments had invested in compliance and safety to ensure the well-being of workers and other stakeholders. The target to reach an export volume of $50 billion within the next few years by the ready-made garments sector was fast becoming a reality. The coronavirus pandemic has dragged us behind not only in terms of export volume but also in further investment and expansion.

However, Posh Garments Ltd like many other veteran apparel manufacturers in Bangladesh has decided to deal with the pandemic with a heads-on approach in order to keep machines running and protect the jobs of its highly productive 1200 workers. We have tried to follow the guidelines set by WHO and also held several discussions with the BGMEA and our fellow colleagues in order to minimize the health risks as much as possible.

Firstly, we have provided transportation to the majority of our workers from key pick-up points to ensure that they reach the premises safely. The hand-washing facilities have been set up on the entry points. A disinfectant tunnel has been constructed for each and every individual to pass through before entering the factory. To reduce the risk of exposure of COVID-19 and keep workplace disinfected, we clean high touch surfaces like desks, doorknobs, light switches, machinery, toilets, faucets etc. on regular interval. Prior to entering, temperature is checked by Digital Infrared Thermometer and whoever shows a slightly high temperature reading is not allowed to enter the facility.

Everyone involved with the day-to-day operations in Posh Garments Ltd are provided with facial masks and hand-gloves on a regular basis. It is mandatory to wear masks and gloves for everyone, from factory workers to management as well as visitors. We have also re-arranged our production floors and respective sections to ascertain at least 1 meter distance (more than 3 feet) between each worker as per the WHO guidelines. Safety signage related to face covering, social distancing, frequent handwashing are posted all over the facilities to raise awareness. Assigned personnel carry out random temperature checks during intervals and inquire about the health of others who are living together at their homes.

Our HR officials, production managers and management representatives closely monitor to ensure that safe distance of 1 meter is maintained at all times during entry, while working and exiting the premises of Posh Garments Ltd. A monthly conduction training session is held to raise health awareness amongst our workers. A significant percentage of our workers are female and they were trained to carry out their daily activities as well as taking proper precautions for their children and families. To prioritize the safety of employees and worker of Posh Garments, we have restricted the number of visitations and meetings. Nowadays, Most of the meetings are conducted virtually. Along with the above measures, Posh Garments Ltd implemented extensive disinfection procedures of its manufacturing facility every day. We encourage all those involved in ready-made garments to maintain higher safety standards and be resilient in order to lift our sector again to greater heights.