Ladies Dress with Tencel Fabric

Ladies Dress with Tencel Fabric

This is the 1st time that we have successfully handled a ready-made garments order for ladies’ dress made with Tencel fabric with a heavy wash finish. The volume of the export order to Europe was 23,800 pieces.

It is a commendable quantity by our respective buyers who have entrusted us to develop and design according to their specifications.

It was quite a test to manufacture not only in accordance with provisions but also in managing the workforce and deliver timely due to the harsh situations posed by Covid-19 throughout the world and especially in Bangladesh.

Covid-19 has forced us to re-model our business process to a greater degree which has affected all major stakeholders in the ready-made garments industry.

As a clothing manufacturer, we are expected to deliver not only the desired quality for the buyers and yet maintain the highest ethical and environmental standards for our workers and production facilities which is the harshest challenge we face today.

As the market re-opens in Europe, we are hopeful there will be a surge in demand for such designs and Posh Garments Ltd. from Bangladesh with its prior experience can be an efficient supplier. The image of the delivered design is shown in this blog and we will provide a short description of its contents.

The fabric construction is 100% Tencel and weighs 150 GSM before wash. We used heavy wash which resulted in a soft feel. The fabric shrinkage ratio was for warp 3-4% and for weft 3-4%, its width was 56 inches and the fabric origin was China.

Tencel fabric has gained popularity due to the increase in population and the rise in urbanization in developing countries. Unlike most cellulosic fabrics, Tencel is produced using recyclable, earth-friendly solvents. When blended with cotton, Tencel adds wrinkle-resistance and the lustrous sense of silk.

The best description of the product would be that it is long-sleeved with sleeve tabs; contains shirring across front and back. The frontal part has 2 platted breast pockets, and the rear part has its yoke with a hanging loop.

It also contains a fused collar band, front placket, and cuffs with fake shell buttons that offer a very fashionable touch. Considering a big order quantity for ladies’ dress orders, the wash program was a challenge and learning curve for us.

However, being a veteran ready-made garment manufacturer, the garment wash rejection rate was very much within the acceptable rate. The after wash effect produced a very smooth and soft hand feel. The color shade was absolutely beautiful and quite attractive as a trendy ladies dress.

The finished product had 3 after wash color shade variation and each shade was equally likable. For casual wear, customer will find it very comfortable to wear.

The design is that of a modern summer dress, with an ample amount of of color. It must be mentioned that as a clothing manufacturer supplying to various countries, for Posh Garments and we are eagerly looking forward to supplying more to other countries.