In the last few decades, the sight of someone wearing a jumpsuit was rare. Unless you were used to at a nightclub in the 70s, one would feel like it was a difficult look to pull off.

It was perceived as overkill to dress like that for the office or hanging out with friends. But in recent years, all that has changed and suddenly jumpsuits are everywhere.

According to the veteran lifestyle and fashion magazine Vogue, jumpsuit sales have gone up 70% in Europe and Asia compared with last year.

According to global fashion search platform Lyst, search for jumpsuits have increased by 61%. While demand usually peaks in winter and spring, June noticed a 46% surge in searches from the previous month that is a proof the jumpsuit has become the look of summer.

Our recent export of 56,000 pieces consisting of two different colors to New Yorker proves that demand for readymade jumpsuits has been growing.

It was a high-value order and we successfully shipped with a commendable excess quantity of 3.5%. This was our first order of jumpsuits from our production facility and the fabric used was 100% Viscose Twill.

Viscose Twill is a natural fabric that is more breathable than cotton; it is very durable and can withstand a lot of wear.

The garment was lightweight, soft to the touch with a silky and luxurious feel. Overall, the design was quite chic and gave a very feminine impression.

New Yorker is one of our most recent customers of readymade garments from Europe.

They are a German clothing-retail giant which opened their first store at Flensburg in 1971. Since then, the company has established around one thousand branches in Europe and rest of the world.

New Yorker employs roughly around 16,000 employees and are among one of the steadily-growing fashion retailers in Europe. Their target customer base is between twelve to thirty –nine year olds.

The growth of fast-fashion and urban styling has been the major focal point for New Yorker. Sales have been boosted in the past few years due to their heavy online presence and ability to keep the price of their respective products at a very affordable level.

In addition to this, they are also able to relate to their target group by sponsorships and celebrity endorsements.

New Yorker is one of the sponsors of the Braunschweig-based German Football League team, New Yorker Lions and the Basketball Bundesliga team,

New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig. The company also sponsors the international b-boy competition, Battle of the Year.

Along with the persistent trends in fashion, the in-house design team at Posh Garments is constantly seeking to upgrade their export-oriented product line.

The growth of European fashion brands along with their virtual sales worldwide have been one of the key growth factors for the rising export of ready-made garments from Bangladesh.

Posh Garments is confident that it will keep manufacturing products which is of utmost quality and continue to provide its European buyers with timely and sustainable readymade garments in the years to come.