How to Identify Original Branded Clothes in Bangladesh?

How To Identify Original Branded Clothes

The spread of fake branded clothes in Bangladesh is quickly rising, and not many people know it. Aside from getting duped, there are many other dangers to buying and wearing counterfeit clothing that only a few people know about. But that’s about to change with this article.

We will share our foolproof guide on identifying original branded clothes in Bangladesh clothing stores. We will also share the real dangers of buying counterfeit clothing in Bangladesh. 

Dangers of Fake Branded Clothes in Bangladesh

Counterfeit branded clothes pose significant risks to consumers in Bangladesh, ranging from financial losses to serious health hazards due to inferior materials and craftsmanship.

Dangers of Fake Branded Clothes

Financial Loss and Deception

Many consumers unknowingly purchase counterfeit branded clothes, believing they get a good deal on luxury items. However, these fake products often come at high prices, leading to financial losses when buyers discover their lack of authenticity.

Quality Issues and Early Wear

Low-quality counterfeit clothes in Bangladesh are notorious for their inferior craftsmanship and materials. Unlike genuine luxury items that undergo rigorous quality control, fakes are prone to early wear and tear. This results in products that quickly lose their appeal and functionality, essentially wasting the consumer’s money.

To understand more about the importance of quality control in apparel manufacturing, check out this detailed guide.

Health Risks from Harmful Substances

Harmful Metals

Counterfeit jewelry frequently contains cheap metal alloys laced with toxic substances like lead, cadmium, and nickel. These metals can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and potentially severe long-term health problems with prolonged exposure.

Toxic Dyes and Chemicals

Fake clothing often uses toxic dyes and chemical finishes to mimic the appearance of genuine luxury items. These substances can lead to skin irritation, rashes, and other dermatological issues for wearers in Bangladesh.

Hazardous Paints and Coatings

Counterfeit jewelry may feature hazardous substances such as lead-based paints or coatings. These materials pose risks if ingested or absorbed through the skin, potentially causing poisoning or other health complications.

Low-Quality Gems

Fake jewelry might use low-quality or synthetic gemstones treated with unsafe chemicals like hydrofluoric acid. These treatments compromise the gemstone’s quality and pose health risks to wearers.

Unsafe Adhesives

Both counterfeit clothing and jewelry are often assembled using cheap and potentially unsafe adhesives. This can lead to pieces falling apart prematurely or causing skin irritation and discomfort.

Flammable Materials

Inferior materials used in counterfeit clothing can be more flammable than their genuine counterparts. This poses a significant fire hazard to consumers, potentially endangering their safety and property.

Identify Original Branded Clothes in Bangladesh

Suppose you are looking to spot original branded clothing in the Bangladeshi clothing market. In that case, you need to follow our guide. Our apparel manufacturing experts have listed some simple steps to finding the real deal. Here is how you identify original branded clothing in Bangladesh:

Identify Original Branded Clothes In Bangladesh

Check the Label

A surefire way to identify original branded clothing in Bangladesh would be to check the labels. The way a label is added to clothing can tell you a lot. If you want to buy a vintage piece of clothing, check to see if the label is thicker. You should also look at the brand name stamp. Check if it’s spelled correctly, and also check the font style. Older labels use different fonts that are used as much today. The placement of the label and brand name should also be checked since fakers sometimes need to remember to follow the original. 

Check the Stitching

Another great way to spot original branded clothing in Bangladesh would be to match the stitchings. Counterfeit clothes don’t always have precise and clean stitching. So you should see if the stitching is in a straight line and also check if the stitching is thick or thin. Higher-end branded clothing will have handmade stitching that the fakes won’t have, so that’s another great indicator. The fakes generally have uneven stitching with less attention to detail. For more insights on different stitching processes in garments, read this blog.

The Importance of Seams

Check and feel the seams of the clothing in your hand. Real branded clothing will come with even and firm seams since they are made with quality material and in some cases hand-stitched. Certain brands also follow certain practices, such as double stitching, which give the ordinal a distinct look. Fake brand clothing doesn’t really come with things like that, so it is easy to differentiate. Irregular or sloppy seams can be a sign of poor craftsmanship and may indicate a counterfeit item.

Check the Fastenings

Always check the zippers, buttons, and other fastenings closely. Authentic brands generally use good materials for their fastenings; some even engrave them with the brand name. In some cases, these aren’t just fashion choices; rather,, they’re a countermeasure against counterfeiting. Counterfeiters usually go with glossy and lightweight fastenings that break easily. 

Check the Buttons

Buttons are one thing that can tell you if a piece of clothing is fake. Quality brands and genuine apparel manufacturers go the extra mile and use high-quality materials for their buttons. They also sew them tightly to the clothing. Counterfeiters, conversely, try to get away with cheaper options. This sometimes results in the buttons breaking or falling off after some time and a few washes. Also, unoriginal branded clothes in Bangladesh might lack the brand logos seen on the real buttons. 

Feel the Material

Feeling the material of a piece of apparel can tell you if it’s real or not. Anyone who purchases the real deal can tell when they hold a fake in their hand. This is because fakes generally have a slightly uneven texture. Also, with silk and leather, the fakes can’t match the feel and smell that the real materials have. So take your time and try to find out if the garment in your hand is real or counterfeit. Learn how to source garment materials like a boss

Check the Quality of Materials

Connecting with the last point, original branded clothes in Bangladesh or elsewhere will only use quality materials. Fakes that get by with synthetic materials won’t ever hold up against that. Items made with 100% pure materials, such as pure wool or silk, ensure durability and comfort. Synthetic materials like polyester just can’t match that feel and look. For insights into eco-friendly clothing materials, read this article.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Price

Pricing is the ultimate indicator of original branded clothes in Bangladesh. While it’s true that even original branded clothes can have bargain prices, they won’t ever be too cheap. The real deal keeps its value even after some time. Therefore, if you “see” an original branded cloth at a cheap price, you may be hesitant. Use our tips to determine if it’s real or not before buying it. 

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Now you know how to identify original branded clothes in Bangladesh and what might happen if you buy these fakes. The dangers of fake branded clothing are very real, but too many people think it’s exaggerated. With our guide, you should have an easier time spotting the fakes and saving yourself from getting duped. 

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