How to Dress Simple but Stylish

How to dress simple but stylish

You’re not alone if you find shopping for new clothes and putting together fashionable outfits to be a struggle. It can be difficult to stay fashionable at times, but it is not really! It’s as simple as gently tucking in your shirt, putting on a pair of sunglasses, or layering up your outfit.

Minimalistic style is frequently based on a wardrobe of basic and classic styles, with on-trend pieces added to complete the look. It makes no difference what your budget, lifestyle, or body shape is. Whether you’re running about in yoga pants or heading to the office in a suit, all it takes is a little planning and dedication to look your best.

Here are some suggestions on how you can start to look stylish by following some simple steps-

Dress in clothes that are flattering to your body type

You’ll look instantaneously put-together if your clothing fits well. The first step to looking chic and stylish is to make sure you’re dressed in clothes that flatter your body shape. Because effortless style is meant to be unobtrusive, you’ll need well-fitting garments to get the exquisite, costly, and trendy look.

A woman who is constantly put-together you’ll note that her clothing is always well-fitting. Clothing that doesn’t fit, on the other hand, such as a crooked hemline or a too-tight polo-neck, might make a bad first impression.

Look at the most flattering pieces you already own if you’re not certain what garments will work best for you. If those elevated skinny jeans and the empire waist dress are flattering on you, look for more items in the same style. Then, while preserving the assurance that you already look great, have fun playing with new fabrics, colours, and accessories.

Colours that are subtle and neutral with bold accents are ideal

Choose two or three colours to base your outfit on and then base your clothing, accessories and even makeup on those colours. Whatever scheme you choose, you’ll seem put-together and elevated. Neutral colours are almost always in style.

What colours are trendy and what colours are deemed completely unattractive varies greatly depending on the period and region. Certain hues should be avoided. Other greens and yellows, as well as oranges, should be avoided because they are prone to going out of style, but if you think they are stylish, go for it.

Closet Organizing and Editing

Organising and managing your closet is crucial when it comes to wearing stylish clothes. After all, how can you put together a beautiful look if you can’t see what you have? Begin by clearing out your closet and giving or selling everything you don’t wear or enjoy. Then, properly sort the remaining items into divisions.

Matching set

This is one of the simplest methods to appear stylish. Any two-piece that coordinates, such as a pantsuit, skirt suit, knit set, or even sweatsuit, is instantly stylish. Then it’s just a matter of choosing your shoes and other accessories to match with it.

Buy strategically

You want your clothes to look pricey if you want to look very trendy. You can make inexpensive clothing appear costly, but investing in some truly pricey pieces may be a better option.

Rather than buying something unique for a given occasion, strive to have a few more versatile dressier outfits in your closet. You’ll be able to wear it again and again if you choose something basic and classic rather than trend-driven. It’ll never feel the same again, thanks to the creative accessorising.

Make a collection that can be switched out

You’ll have plenty of clothing possibilities with a mix-and-match collection. If you truly want to embody effortless style, you’ll need a wardrobe in which nearly all of the pieces are interchangeable. Instead of being limited by colour or style combinations, you will be able to dress based on your comfort, style inclination, or weather conditions.

  • Use only one type of clothing (antique, modern, etc.) and one colour scheme (this should be helped if you followed our advice to use muted colours with limited bold accents).


This is the lazy girl hack for changing up well-loved items: a pair of statement earrings, a skinny innovative belt for your not-so-skinny jeans, or a pendant worn with an LBD.

A classic timepiece is the one item that fits with everything! It could be a gold or silver timepiece. Look for a vintage watch to buy and invest in.

If you put on an outfit and feel like someone is lacking that you can’t quite place, it’s likely a pair of sunglasses. Even cooler if they match the rest of your ensemble.

Get items tailored

The fact that models and celebrities’ clothes fit them flawlessly is part of the reason they look so stylish. A very easy solution to get your clothes fit is to get them tailored. Find a reputable tailor in your region who can change your clothes to fit your physique perfectly. Some department stores can even help you with this.

Exploring many types of fabrics

Everyone knows cotton is cosy, but there’s a vast variety of textiles to choose from. But here are some more fabrics for you to try out-

  1. Silk, satin, chiffon- Create a feminine and gentle look.
  2. Faux leather- With a pair of black boots, you may easily attain the cool look.
  3. Cashmere- Keep you warm during the winter months so you don’t have to wear cumbersome clothing.
  4. Tweed- just to look expensive.

Consider the day ahead

When putting together an outfit, the most important thing to keep in mind is the day ahead of you. What are your plans, and what kind of wardrobe will you need? Is your workday jam-packed with meetings and social interaction?

Your basis is created from there once you’ve decided what kind of day you’ll be dressing for. After you’ve decided on your outfit, it’s time to think about shoes and accessories. When you want to, accessories may spice up plain clothing and give it a fresh vibe.

These are very simple ways to look stylish everyday in a simple dressing.