Girl’s Tops & Dress Export to Mexico

Girl’s Tops & Dress Export to Mexico

Bangladesh’s exports to Mexico had experienced a gradual growth during the period of 2018 and 2019. It was fueled by readymade garment manufacturers such as Posh Garments Ltd who has gained trust among North American importers.

According to the data published by Bangladesh Bank, export receipts from Mexico was reported at an all-time high of 13,723.864 million BDT in 2019, which was a substantial increase from the previous reported number of 10,129.646 million BDT in 2018.This has been due to the relentless effort of manufacturers that has been continuously providing superior quality and attractive products along with prompt delivery.

Like most countries in North America, Mexico is one of the hardest hit by the COVID- 19 outbreak. All our export orders that was placed at the first quarter of 2020 had been cancelled due to extensive lockdown.

However, the management of Posh Garments maintained their constant communication with the buyers and their liaison offices. After the lockdown was lifted, follow up was revived from the Mexican importers and we responded promptly by manufacturing and shipping the products.

Our first shipment for this year was Girl’s top, which was one of the most conventional items frequently exported to Mexico.

The design was all-over print that has good demand in the Latin-American countries. The fabric used in this particular girl’s top was viscose, which was sourced from a local fabric mill in Bangladesh and weighed approximately 85 GSM.

It was a completely new style, and the feel of the garment was rather soft. These particular kind of garments areideal for children’s and manufacturing of these are one of our proven specialties.

Another of our initial shipment’s to Mexico included Girl’s dress which Posh Garments manufactured and exported just in time so the retailers can open their shops with new offering.

This season’s order of Girl’s dress includes a design of ten different colors of which eight of them are consisting of all-over print, and the rest aresolid color. The fabric used in this design is Viscose Twill that is a natural fabric and more breathable than cotton.

It is very light-weight and very comfortable to wear. The colorful prints are also quite interesting and looks very attractive on children. We are confident that this unique Girl’s dresses will be favorite for the upcoming season.

Posh Garments Ltd is aware that Mexico is a member of the Protocol relating to Trade Negotiations among Developing Countries (PTN). The PTN is a preferential arrangement which involves Bangladesh including other developing nations.

Bangladesh is facing stiff competition in major export markets that are signatories in Foreign Trade Agreements.

The government and commerce ministry of Bangladesh is now emphasizing on FTAs and PTAs with the potential trade partners, which include Mexico in order to increase bilateral trade and boost exports.

Posh Garments remains optimistic that its export of readymade garments to Mexico will continue to grow in the coming years.