Fire Drill

Fire Drill

Since the tragic fire accident at a garment factory named Tazreen Fashions in Bangladesh in the Year 2012, the entire garment industry in Bangladesh has stepped up their compliance efforts.

In recent times, we are witnessing our fellow BGMEA member’s factories being accredited as one of the safest and environmentally friendly in the world.

The garment industry has invested heavily in compliance and continues to do so, without any major financial assistance from external sources.

Posh Garments Ltd has also constantly upgraded their compliance and safety standards within the best of its ability.

Just like every year, Posh Garments Ltd conducted a fire drill in its manufacturing facility organized by Fire Service & Civil Defense (FSCD) on the 10th of November.

The FSCD is highly trained in the area of fire prevention and firefighting. They are also involved in regular inspections of fire safety measures in buildings. The management has a policy to conduct a fire drill every two months led by our internal fire team.

Posh Garments Ltd has an internal team consisting of fire fighters, first aid providers and trained rescuers.

The internal fire fighter team has 64 members, the first aid provider team has 60 members and the rescue team has of 62 members respectively. A team of 180 plus workers & staff trained to combat any fire related incident.

A comprehensive live drill conducted successfully on our manufacturing facility without any prior notice.

All one thousand and ninety-eight workers and staff of Posh Garments participated in last month’s fire drill. As soon as the fire alarm was rung, all workers and staff evacuated from factory and assembled in the fire assembly area.

The management staff of Posh Garments Ltd. And fire department personnel guided and directed the workers and staff to assemble, to combat fire, to provide first aid and to send fire rescue teams.

The internal rescue team trained by FSCD took part in the entire process starting from timely evacuation, bringing out fire extinguishing equipment and passing them along to random team members and staff to extinguish the fire.

Posh Garments Ltd has an extensive list of fire and safety equipment which is listed below.

Current inventory: We have 180 pieces of fire extinguishers, 8 pieces of lock cutters, 25 pieces of gas masks, 13 pieces of blankets, 25 pairs of hand gloves, 9 stretchers, 14 helmets, 9 hooks.

The next phase includes 1 hammer, several hand mikes, 35 fire protective dresses, 11 pairs of gumboots, 6 safety belts.

Another set includes 6 long ropes, 6 ladders, 14 hose pipes. The lists of lights are also impressive consisting of 70 emergency lights, 52 exit lights and 57 fog lights. We also have 54 fire buckets, 3 dissolvers, 9 beaters, 3 special anti-fire dresses, 14 respiratory masks.

Throughout the premises, the following detector list comprises of 151 smoke detectors, 151 multi detectors, 70 heat detectors, 20 manual call points, 35 pieces of sounders with flashing light, 1 fire alarm control panel. We also have three fire pumps such as the electrical pump, diesel pump and jockey pump.

As we are one of the oldest manufacturers of readymade garments and one of the most active members of BGMEA, we have a common belief that our workforce is an asset, whose safety and well-being must be nurtured to gain a perfect synergy of productivity and profit.

However, the strategy for the long-term fire safety in the country depends on good coordination between the respective members of the BGMEA and the relevant government and international authorities.

Posh Garments Ltd also wishes the Fire Service and Civil Defense department (FSCD) success for their future training programs and looks forward to continue collaboration to improve fire safety across Bangladesh.