Fashion Design University in Bangladesh

Fashion design university in Bangladesh

Proper education and training are regarded as the most effective weapons for Bangladesh’s ready-made garments (RMG) sector and fashion companies. Bangladesh is the world’s second largest RMG exporter. Along with global demand, the local market is adapting to quick changes in fashion trends. This industry requires highly qualified and technical workers.

Recently, the job of fashion designer has emerged as one of the most appealing among Bangladesh’s young generations. Because a clothes designer’s profession is high-profile and interesting. There is a lot of room for creativity in this field. Fashion design institutions and universities in Bangladesh are making significant contributions to the development of skilled fashion designers.

What is a Fashion Designer

A fashionable style or practice, particularly in clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, body piercing, or furniture, is referred to as fashion. “Fashion” refers to a distinctive but often-habitual trend in a person’s appearance and attire, as well as to build behavioral trends.

Clothing items are outlined, designed, and created by a fashion designer. Fashion designers, on the other hand, do more than merely create outfits. Their designs frequently include ethnic attitudes, aesthetics, and inspirations. Stylists, merchandisers, patternmakers, seamsters, costume designers, modeling agencies, design companies, magazine editors, and other members of the fashion industry collaborate with designers.

Reasons Why One Should Learn Fashion Designing

1. Gives You the Chance to Express Yourself

For people who prefer working with their hands, fashion design is a fantastic career option. The sky is the limit for your ingenuity in this sector. There are several ways to showcase your skill by creating amazing masterpieces that appeal to the demands of fashion-conscious clients all around the world. You may design everything from apparel to accessories such as handbags, scarves, and shoes

2. The First Step in Starting a Business

According to research, almost a quarter of all fashion designers work for themselves. A fashion design degree from a respected institution can provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to gain a kickstart in the industry. You may meet like-minded people and network with notable persons in the field through educational trips, initiatives, and other possibilities.

You’ll have the knowledge, connections, and confidence to start your own firm and go on your entrepreneurial journey once you’ve completed your fashion design degree.

3. Wide range of opportunities

Though most people identify fashion design with runways and ramps, the industry offers a wide range of options. It provides a variety of opportunities for people to make a decent life and accomplish their dreams. As the number of fashion-conscious customers rises, so will demand for fashion designers.

There are several alternatives in the field of fashion design such as-

  • as a fashion designer for a major fashion house, for fashion periodicals,
  • as a fashion critic, for fashion blogs, or
  • as a celebrity stylist, you have a variety of options.

A formal fashion design degree may be useful in a variety of industries, including retail, textiles, and others.

4. Excelling in this industry

Learning fashion design helps you to create your own personality and set yourself out from the crowd. If you dislike traditional 9 to 5 jobs and prefer experimenting with your look, clothes, and accessories, fashion design is the career for you.

5. Encourage innovations in fabrics

Silk, wool, cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, and spandex are all choices. If you’re thinking about going to fashion school, you undoubtedly have a thing for materials of all types. In fashion school, you will learn about different kinds of textiles, their properties, as well as production and manufacturing techniques.

6. Formal Education in Fashion

Formal fashion design education helps you to gain a comprehensive understanding of the many components of design, as well as the history of design and many theoretical approaches to design creation. This information allows you to identify areas of interest and develop abilities in those fields.

Top 10 Fashion Designing Universities in Bangladesh

  1. Bangladesh university of textiles (BUTex)
  2. BGMEA University of fashion and technology (BUFT)
  3. National institute of textile engineering and research (NITER)
  4. Shanto-Marium university of creative technology (SMUCT)
  5. National institute of fashion technology (NIFT)
  6. Chattogram BGMEA institute of fashion and technology (CBIFT)
  7. Shyamoli textile engineering college (STEC)
  8. Uttara University (UU)
  9. Sonargaon University (SU)
  10. Bangladesh Home economics college (BHEC)

Pros and Cons of Being a Fashion Designer in Bangladesh

Fashion designers face challenges for two basic reasons.

1. Poor Economic Condition

It is not simple to make a living as a fashion designer. Bangladesh features some of the top fashion designers, however owing to the country’s economic situation, opportunities are typically limited. Designers are having better success in other countries, although there are still some prospects in the United States.

2. Lack of Real World Experience

Many people are unable to cope with current design and technologies as a result of their real-world experience. Finding work may be a hard and unpleasant experience for them. When they do find work, they frequently encounter uneven pay and difficult working conditions.

Bangladesh is now attempting to establish its own fashion sector by expanding educational possibilities for young designers. A tourism and hotel management degree can help you grow your career in addition to advancing your profession.

But there are hopes and opportunities for fashion enthusiasts-

1. Bangladesh’s Government Has Established Fashion Design Institutions to Develop a Professional Workforce

The government has formed a new committee to assist in the improvement of Bangladesh’s fashion sector. The major purpose is to provide work possibilities for young people and to expand the number of educational institutions under its umbrella so that students may learn more about career chances in this industry.

2. Globalization Opens Up a Plethora of Commercial Prospects

According to recent research, Fashion Designer is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers. Rather than following in the footsteps of others, these teenagers create their own. Ramp displays and fashion write-ups are frequently utilized in the fashion business to promote and advertise items and styles.

3. You’ll Find Plenty of Jobs With a Good Income

Clothing and accessories show off one’s sense of style. Style has become a status symbol because of the fabrics and materials used.

A fashion design school is the finest location to learn about the subject. We’ve previously highlighted the best fashion design schools in Dhaka. In addition, a diploma in fashion design in Bangladesh offers a number of well-known courses.