Different Types of Work Uniform

Different Types Of Work Uniform

Due to the increasing number of organizations, institutions and other service providing companies, the preponderance of the use of uniform has gained a superincumbent priority that has made it the essential piece of everyone’s cupboard. With the mindset of promoting a company and grabbing the customer’s attention, the increasing demand for work uniforms has caused many manufacturing companies to extend their production approach to the creation of multiple kinds of uniforms.


Fabrications of work uniform has become another extension of the garment industry through which the increment in the exportation of commodities has contributed majorly to the Gross Domestic Product of the country. Presently, Posh Garments, a noteworthy manufacturer that has been standing in the front line provides a wide range of work uniform collection.


Importance of work uniform

Importance Of Work Uniform

  • Specific field of work professionalism: Creates a sense of civility and respectability in the workers.
  • Offer distinguishable attributes: Work uniform helps in distinguishing a company in the markets they operate.
  • Promotes a strong business reputation: Choosing the right staff uniform helps to project a professional corporate image that will aid in retaining the clients.
  • Free advertisement of a Business: Workers wearing well-designed uniforms in public with company logos and colors act as “walking posters,” showcasing a company’s products and services for free, thus, assisting in advertising the brand.
  • Boost up the security of a company: Company uniforms with distinct styles or colors help to instantly recognize who belongs in a certain workplace.
  • Provides protection to the workers: Uniforms have practical benefits such as user safety. For instance, Flame-resistant (FR) workwear assists in avoiding accidents caused by electrical arc flashes or flash fires, while high-visibility uniforms helps in protecting employees from being struck by motor transport.
  • Create a sense of belonging for the staff: Uniforms foster a sense of connection and team spirit that result in enhancing worker’s productivity.
  • Reduce the worker’s expense: Employer-supplied uniforms save employees money and minimize employee laundry time and expenditure when given as part of a rental scheme.
  • Helps in enhancing the customer interactions: Work uniforms identify corporate representatives who may be contacted for purchase information, resulting in better overall customer service.
  • Encourage the employees to be proud of their workplace: Work uniforms may assist in establishing a feeling of pride and responsibility in employees, as well as turn them into “brand ambassadors” even outside the office.

Leading work uniform manufacturer

Posh Garments, started in 1984 with the purpose of providing high-quality workmanship with sophisticated materials and patterns, is currently one of Bangladesh’s top manufacturers. It began with a tiny garment with a small number of workers in Tejgaon, and has since grown to over 1200 skilled workers in response to the growing demand for high-quality garments both inside and beyond the nation.


Posh Garments has established a long-term foundation by contributing to the country’s economy with foreign cash by providing services worthy of customer pleasure. This solid foundation will serve as the foundation for the future of work uniform collections.


What features does Posh Garment provide for work uniforms?

Posh Garments has a longstanding experience of supplying customers with the uniforms which they need to equip their personnel. To give the greatest service to its clients, Posh Garments maintains certain linemanets and they are:


Effectiveness of uniforms

They provide well-fitted uniforms which can be worn with ease making them feel good about their get-up and thus, boosting up their confidence.

Provides immaculate color combinations

They work hard to provide a diverse choice of color options across all of our product lines so that the clients find something that complements their brand. Along with that, they help the clients in choosing the best color choices for their logo.

Efficient material selection

They manufacture their uniforms maintaining a number of regulatory measures depending on the surrounding and environmental conditions of the workers. For instance, clients whose workers need to stay or work near a fire, can get their uniform manufacturer which is customized with firefighter thread.

Expertised designing of Logos

Due to having workers with creative minds, alongside designing logos, the color selection and proper placement of the logos are the top-notch priority in terms of fabricating the uniforms.


Types of work uniform provided by the Posh Garments

Types Of Work Uniform Provided By The Posh Garments

Posh Garments make sure that their consumers receive topflight materials and fabrics with durability, exquisite craftsmanship, timeless good looks, and eccentric designs. With all these keeping in mind, they try to indulge such essences in their uniform production. The types of uniform which they include are:

Hospital uniforms

Crafting hospital uniforms with persistent and convenient finishing is the top-notch priority of them, allowing the workers to work for the whole day without becoming uncomfortable. The uniforms also include plenty of pockets to store all of the necessities.

School uniforms

They tailor high-quality school uniforms according to the specifications set by the customers.

Work uniforms

They create a variety of corporate work uniforms, including corporate pants and shirts.

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Why should you consider Posh Garments as the prior-choice for work uniforms?

As, work uniform serves in the preservation of professionalism and promotion of corporate culture both publicly and within the company, employees wearing high-quality workwear have been found to enjoy considerable long-term market advantages as well as a number of internal benefits that help a company stay afloat and develop in every industry.

Combining work wear with comfortable, functional, and appealing features, as exercised by the leading Posh Garments, assists both the staff and the clients in getting inclined to associate themselves with the image and culture of the company.

Reasons behind considering Posh Garments are:

  • Trained workforce: A highly talented team of about 1200 people is trained to operate various types of machines and stitching processes such as fagoting, smocking, pintucking, shearing, and so on. They are also trained in finishing clothing with different types of wash, such as enzyme, bleach, garment, cool dye, and so on, may add value to any product. This may also be enhanced by applying patterns, embroidery, heat press, decorations, sequence, ornaments, and other embellishments to the product.
  • Durability: They ensure the creation of pleasant and durable shirts for men by utilizing high-quality materials such as 100% woven cotton, flannel, polyester, and others.
  • Use of recycled materials: Being devoted to sustainability, they utilize recyclable raw materials in the production of all of their clothing, such as polyester, paper, plastic, organic cotton, and so on.
  • Efficacy in processing and shipment: They maintain a tight regime of internal audits, crucial process checks, 3rd party testing on the fabric, clothes, accessories, and other items, as well as a pre-final inspection, prior to shipping.


Posh Garments, being a work uniform maker in Bangladesh, will provide you with the finest service.

Every trend-following fashionable person’s first objective is to dress in apparel made of high-quality materials and textiles, as well as unique patterns. Manufacturers like Post Garments have made a name for themselves by providing incomparable services and high-quality products to both locals and tourists while also strengthening the country’s economy.