Posh Garments Ltd has a unique niche in being one of the top manufacturers for uniforms in Bangladesh. It is one of the core product categories that is manufactured continuously throughout the year. A comprehensive range of uniforms are exported by Posh Garments Ltd for hospitals, schools and work wears. As major cities all over the world are going into lockdown again due to the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic sweeping through Europe, Posh Garments have already shipped a substantialnumber of hospital uniforms to several European buyers.

During the first outbreak of Covid-19, there was a shortage of supply for hospital uniforms as governments and institutions around the world were quite unprepared to deal with such a grave pandemic. As markets opened again, the diligent management of Posh Garments Ltd was in constant contact with the buyers to make sure that they could export a significant number of uniforms ahead of time before the estimated second wave during winter. The order for both top and bottom included thousands of short sleeve unisex uniforms with two front pockets and anti-bacterial fabric. It was made of blended Polyester Cotton containing 65% polyester and 35% cotton poplin. The fabric shrinkage ratio was 1.5-2% for warp and 1.5-2% for weft. It’s width was 58 inches and originated from China.The overall design was smart, safe and practical. All clothing worn by health-care officials and patients has the potential to become contaminated via environmental, individual or patient micro-organisms. Therefore, they are made to be fit for purpose and also able to withstand industry laundering in temperatures between 75-90 degrees specially the print on garment, lining buttons and thread. 

The next segment of our orders was school uniforms for Singapore. It was all-white and for a significant number of 10,000 pieces. The fabric sourced from Pently, Penfabric(Toray Group) in Malaysia used in this design was Chief Value Cotton (CVC) comprising of 60% cotton and 40% polyester oxford. Polyester-Cotton Oxford fabric is a special-order fabric usually selected when lighter-weight coated fabric is needed for dye sublimation printing. Typical end use for this is also for making portable movie screens, banners, flags, photo background lighting and tradeshow booth advertising. The uniforms are not only crisp and white, but the high density printed logo does not fade after being washed constantly. Another of our regular yearlong orders consist of work-wear uniforms, the recent one being heavy-duty shirts of 6,000 pieces exported to USA. The design inclusive of long point collars, company logo, double pockets, dual stitches and royal blue color looked quite stylish. The fabric used for this order was also CVC with 65% cotton and 35% polyester oxford. It was sourced from China with a width of 56 inches and weighed approximately 200 GSM. Posh Garments Ltd as a top manufacturer of readymade garments and uniforms in Bangladesh believes that more similar orders from the United States, Singapore and Europe will continue to come throughout the next quarters. We await feasible inquiries and remain strong in our promise for quality and timely delivery to all our respective buyers.

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