Posh Garments Ltd have been always looking to innovate and develop according to the ever-changing market trends. The ability to adapt is one of the key elements that enables our company to maintain its position as a dynamic and reliable ready-made garment manufacturer in Bangladesh. As the export orders start to stabilize and fresh orders are being placed, a new essential has been added which is face mask. Facemask is in high demand as it is mandatory in most of the countries due to Covid-19 outbreak.

Customers want something fashionable and retailers are looking at expert ready-made garment manufacturers such as Posh Garments Ltd to provide unique designs and prompt deliveries. We have already received several inquiries. We aim to deliver exceptional value by fulfilling requirements of customized facemask. Our social media platforms inclusive of Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube has already been updated regarding our design and development capabilities.

Our new line of unisex facemask consists of 100% knit cotton fabric on the inside and 100% polyester mesh on the outside. It has 4 layers of spun and melt-blown fabrics. The mask includes a rubber adjuster on the elastic to loosen or tightening fitting and a concealed aluminum nose bar to fit the mask with the shape of the face and nose. The elastic is soft and gentle on the ear which ensures comfort for many hours. The minimum order quantity for international orders is 10,000 pieces, which is priced at USD 0.90 per piece and the production lead-time is 4 weeks. The desired company logo on a label can be attached to the masks as well.

Specialized mask such as Ladies Facemask with beautiful colors and patterns is another unique addition to our current product offerings. Being a veteran manufacturer for ladies garments, we recognize the need for ladies facemasks. The mask consists of 100% woven cotton fabric, with a rubber adjuster on the elastic to loosen or tightening fitting and soft elastic. In addition, of being comfortable and stylish, it also includes individual pouch to store the mask. The minimum order quantity for this Ladies Facemask is 10,000 pieces, priced at USD 1 per set and the production lead-time is 4 weeks.

Posh Garments Ltd also recognizes that there is a necessity of facemasks in the domestic market in Bangladesh as well. Therefore, multi-national corporations, local companies, schools and all individuals can now place orders for the unisex facemask and Ladies facemask as well. The minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces costing BDT 120 per piece and the lead-time is 2 weeks.  The ladies face mask with identical pouches is available for the domestic market as well. It contains 100% woven cotton fabric with a rubber adjuster and soft elastic. The minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces, priced at BDT 140 per set and the production lead-time is 2 weeks.

We eagerly await for new enquiries and look forward to sharing new designs from product offerings of Posh Garments. Please contact us if you are interested in our product or you can send us your product specifications by directly emailing us at

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