Trending Ladies Blouse

This Ladies Blouse is one of the top trending clothing items this season. The exported order to Europe was a considerable amount of 5,000 pieces and we have really seen a sharp rise in demand for similar ready-made garment items from other buyers over the past season for Posh Garments Ltd. It was made with cotton Tencel fabric with a heavy wash and PP Spray finish. While Posh Garments aims to become a more responsible ready-made garment manufacturer, we continue to prefer using Tencel as it is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics and is regrown sustainably. The picture of the mentioned ladies blouse has been portrayed in this blog and we will provide a short description of its contents. The fabric construction is a mixture of 65% cotton and 35% Tencel. The fabric weight before wash was 4.60 OZ. We implemented a heavy wash with PP Spray on eight body panels to create a vibrant color and soft sensation. The fabric shrinkage ratio was for warp 3-4% and for weft 3-4%, the width was 62 inches and the fabric origin was China. As a manufacturer of ladies’ blouse, tops and dress, Posh Garments understands the importance of garment wash. Garment washing is a significant part of the industry and it is mainly applied to denim garments as well as other casual garments. In the primary stage, a garment does not inherit the customer’s desired properties but after washing, it gives out a completely new appearance. One of the main attributes is softness, comfort, strength, and low cost which creates superior satisfaction for the end customer. The manufactured clothing item is provided with a lucrative and glassy outlook by chemical or wet washing process and mechanical or dry washing process respectively. The most widely used dry washing processes for garment are scraping, spraying, whiskering, damages, spots, rubbing, and tacking. Contrariwise wet washing for garments is also used widely to develop new a look and effect through the normal wash or rinse wash, pigment wash, caustic wash, silicon wash, enzyme wash, stone wash, stone enzyme wash, bleach wash, acid wash, and so on. Let us briefly explain how we produced this particular ladies blouse which is also referred to as a ladies’ summer dress in Europe. We started off with the wash program which was a time-consuming process. Restricting the after wash color effect into 2 shades was a challenge and the garment rejection rate was relatively higher around 5%. The garment had a 20/2 thread (thicker) topstitch. The after wash effect produced a contrast thread seam line and puckered effect on the garment. The hand feel was smooth and PP spray produced a faded color effect on the front and back of the garment. As a ladies’ dress manufacturer, we made sure that the final outcome came out as comfortable and casual wear for our respective customers. From personal experience, we thought the design was striking as it looked like denim yet felt like cotton. This summer blouse being one of the hottest trends of this year is surely here to stay. As customers around the world add to their shopping carts, Posh Garments Ltd. awaits more inquiries in the future months.

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