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37 Years of Manufacturing Experience

Apparel That We Create

Fashion trend is ever changing. So to be align with the new pace of world fashion trend, it has expert Research and Development (R&D) team, compliant factory, highly skilled work force, a flexible production platform, experienced staff.

To serve quality goods to the valued customer worldwide, Posh Garments Ltd. has made a versatile and dynamic set up of production.

Posh garments clothing ranges from Women casual dresses, skirts, tops, etc. to ladies’ nightwear and lingerie.

We also manufacture kids dress that includes both regular clothes like shirts, baby dress, pants and school uniforms.

For men, we have a wide range of formal or casual shirts, boxers and boxer shorts.

Hotel and hospital uniforms, in a word all kinds of work wares for the professionals and working people are also produced by POSH Garments Ltd.

Posh Garments Ltd. has a long 30 years’ golden history of making the customer happy by shipping finest quality attires for women, kids as well as men’s to Europe, South America and Asia.

POSH Garments Ltd is bound to keep the commitment worth in future also. Lastly,

We are Small in capacity but Boast of our capability

About Posh Garments Ltd.

Posh Garments ltd is one of the best woven manufacturers in Bangladesh that first come in to its production in the year of 1984.

In the beginning it was a small garment manufacturing unit in tejgaon which is now passing its youth having a well setup of production run by 1200 worker and staff.

After serving 35 years in apparel manufacturing and on time shipment of quality goods, Posh Garments ltd. is now reviving form small factory into a flexible production platform with a highly skilled workforce and experienced staff.

Achieving customer’s satisfaction in this long run, Posh Garment’s has reached several milestones in both local and international levels that wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal and diligent board of directors.

Irrespective of the order quantity, you can rest assured knowing that our skilled and dedicated team members will produce the goods with high quality and craftsmanship.

Our Customers

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Why do you choose POSH Garments Limited?

Clothing Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Quite a lot of features will make you compelled to choose us as your product’s manufacturing company.

Contemporary set up of machineries, High productivity, good rating in compliance, worker friendly HR policy, Up to date Technology, Skilled Industrial Engineers.

As one of the leading apparel manufacturing company in Bangladesh, our leading duty is to provide our clients with the best quality apparel with innovative designs, reasonable pricing and value addition. We build successful partnerships with clients to help turning their creative ideas into reality.

Apparel Manufacturer in Bangladesh

Versatile Product Range

We offer product range of huge versatility of every age group and gender. With an expertise hand we offer the production of ladies tops and Blouse, nightwear and sleepwear, skirts, trousers for girl’s tops & dress etc.

For men we manufacture casual shirts and shorts: Despite making the men and women attires, we also make regular clothing as well as school uniform for children. As a global brand, we also take on the production of hospital and hotel uniforms or work wear.

Powerful Workforce

We believe that our workers are the backbone of our success. Coming this far in the journey wouldn’t have been possible without our powerful & skilled workforce working diligently to make the best quality products for our clients. Our skilled workforce comprising of over 1200 workers can handle working with any light materials as well as a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, polyester, viscose, rayon, Tencel, satin, chiffon, etc. Moreover, our dedicated employees are trained to handle specialized operations like fagoting, smocking, pintuck, shearing, and more. To make things even better, our hard-working employees can add value to any product by finishing garments with different kinds of wash, like enzyme, bleach, garment, cool dye, etc. This is also being done by adding prints, embroidery, heat press, attaching embellishments, sequence, ornaments, etc. to the product.

Sustainability and Recycling

We are 100% committed to delivering your products on time while maintaining quality and sustainability. Having committed to SDG (Sustainable Development Goals), we believe in the use of recycled materials like recycled polyester, paper, plastic, organic cotton, etc. to minimize raw material wastage and have even received recognition by BGMEA in the year 2021 for our effort towards sustainability.

Worldwide Export

We export our products all over the world and to all the major continents including Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

The Compatible Production Unit and Safety

We have a versatile and flexible production line equipped with world class machineries where we can manufacture any product and in any size ranging from 300 pcs per color, per style to 250,000 pcs per style. Having a fully compliant production unit audited by ACCORD, SEDEX, BSCI, etc. we provide a safe work environment with a sound building structure, electrical and fire safety for our workers.

Accountability and Transparency

Our Company is strict when it comes to accountability and transparency; That is why we routinely and rigorously test our social and technical compliance.

Process and Lead Time

Before the shipment, we ensure a strict regime of internal audits, critical process checks, 3rd party testing on the fabric, garments, accessories, etc. and a pre-final inspection @ AQL 2.5. We maintain a very high rate (95%) of 1st-time quality approval rate, on-time delivery, Fit Sample approval rate, and compliance rating. So, there are no possibilities of error or damaged products to be shipped.

We have goal to be a perfect apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh by producing a wide range of apparel.

Setting up a high-efficiency standard helps us to excel in our core functions accurately.

The work we have done for several customers is the proof of our loyalty and dedication.

One of the Best Garments in Bangladesh

Posh Garments

The garment manufacturer in Bangladesh is always held in high regard by international clothing manufacturers and companies.

Among the leading local clothing manufacturers, Posh Garments is a name you simply cannot miss.

With the vision of providing unmatched apparel manufacturing solutions to their clients, this clothing manufacturer in Bangladesh has quickly but steadily gained the trust of all the brands they worked for.

Posh Garments is undoubtedly one of the best garments in the country with their accomplished commitment to sustainability, on time response, and high-quality products.

But the key to operating a successful clothing company depends on several other issues, such as efficiency and compliance.

Best Garments in Bangladesh

Posh Garments can proudly boast of their signature that hasn’t failed to impress a client till date. Our versatile collections of different fabrics have wowed all of our clients. We are truly grateful to our professional and skilled workers. Their steady pair of hands and dedication has made us reach this successful position in the apparel industry.

We, at Posh Garments, know how to increase the value of your ordered clothing. We do a very creative value addition to your product that not only increases your item value, but makes the item trendier. We always stay updated with the worldwide trend.

Along with a wide range of apparel production and high production capacity, Posh Garments is the home to more than 1200 trained employees and professional staff who work tirelessly to provide the clients with the best pieces.

The sector of apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh has been playing a vital role in the worldwide apparel and textiles industry as well as the economy of the country.

These clothing manufacturers have also been one of the chief sources of income for a vast majority of our population; most of whom are women.

A garments factory in Bangladesh is undoubtedly an integral part of the global apparel industry and Posh Garments is no different.

With zero room for disappointment, you can blindly trust us to produce products for you that will exceed your quality expectations.

We strongly believe in building mutual loyalty by nurturing our network of partners and by providing a suitable work environment where everyone feels inspired to give their best.

If you want the best quality product that will grow your brands trust, you should turn to Posh Garments is the apparel manufacturer in Bangladesh. Give us a call and take a tour of our success and best quality apparel items.

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